Dylan creates AI-artists that express their own unique aesthetics & evolution. Amongst these AI-artists being developed, “uaun” is the first to be shared publicly. Their VR art-experience, titled “Dream”, released on the Oculus/GearVR, was one of the first VR art experiences available on any commercial XR device. Since then, their works have been exhibited privately in various forms. Dylan is currently developing projects focused upon the intersection of art, XR, Blockchain, and AI. Complimenting Dylan’s personal creative discipline is the XR(AR/VR/MR) research they perform at Unity Labs, the research division of Unity Technologies. Their work at Unity Labs is directed toward the intersection of XR, BCI, EMG, society, ethics, privacy, and consciousness. They’ve garnered awards for engineering & designing tools such as “EditorXR”, which won the “Best in Virtual Tech” award at the 2018 “San Francisco Design Week”. The creative tools they’ve developed have been featured at events such as SIGGRAPH, GDC/VRDC, Magic Leap’s keynote, and others. Their current research is pushing the boundaries of UX & creative interaction in social XR settings.